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It's easy and free with no commitments required. Real estate investments are risky and historical performance is no guarantee of future performance.
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Explore our curated company network with over $20 billion in assets

Established 1978
Avison Young
Among the world's fastest-growing commercial real estate firms generating over $500 million in global revenue across 5 countries.
Toronto, ON
Established 2012
Alliance REIT
Seasoned industry veterans with a proven ability to find unique residential real estate exposure in downtown neighbourhoods.
Toronto, ON
Established 2003
The equity, expertise, and experience behind more than 70 real estate developments with a gross value of $15 billion.
Toronto, ON
Established 1981
The largest independent mortgage and development financing company managing over $77 billion in assets.
Toronto, ON
Established 1976
Colliers Canada
Industry-leading global real estate company managing more than US$11 billion in transactions for 63 million square feet of space.
Toronto, ON
Established 1999
Consistently named as one of the world's most ethical companies, managing over US$10 billion in assets.
Toronto, ON

We're empowering you with access to new real estate opportunities

Real estate funds provide quality investment opportunities to grow and preserve your wealth in addition to your traditional stocks and bonds. Now you can get connected to share the upside too.

This chart shows the impact of compounding - actual returns will be different. We've assumed the market and savings interest rates will go up by an average of 5.5% and 1% respectively. We used real estate fund data from both FTSE NAREIT Real Estate Equity REITs and NCREIF total returns. All data is as of December 2018. Investing in real estate is considered risky and historical performance of real estate return data should not be considered as a guarantee for future performance.

Now you can get early access to high-growth real estate opportunities

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Get access to leading investment experts and top real estate developers who can offer high-growth opportunities to invest alongside their real estate funds as a limited partner.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a real estate fund?

You've probably heard of the term "crowdfunding" before: perhaps in the context of a Kickstarter campaign or a GoFundMe page. It's basically a financing model that allows companies to collect smaller sums of money from several people to fund projects over the internet.

A real estate fund uses that same financing model, but it's specifically for real estate investments. In return, investors get a percentage of ownership or a financial stake in the fund that owns the real estate investments.

For example, think about investing in a condo building, but not a traditional pre-construction unit, the actual building. These funds tend to yield much larger funding amounts and are managed by companies like Brookfield, CBRE, and JLL.

Homebound makes investing in real estate funds easier and more accessible for people that want to explore a better way to invest in real estate alongside world-class investment managers.

What do I need to start?

Create an account! We work hard to make real estate funds more accessible – a concept that isn't well-known to most average investors. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and get connected. It's easy and free with no commitments required.

Risk note: We encourage all of our members to review our educational materials and do your own research on the companies you connect with. Request access today >

How much money can I make?

There are never "guaranteed" returns in real estate. That's why experienced investors diversify their portfolios: while most real estate investments are viewed as tangible and stable asset classes, some may fail. In either case, your investment is high-risk, high-reward.

Risk note: You may lose your whole investment, so never invest more than you can afford to lose. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Investing in real estate funds is risky.

Who can invest?

Homebound is an open matchmaking and educational platform for both accredited and eligible investors.We have a diversified investor base of exceptional professionals who work in industries ranging from banking, consulting, technology, and medical services.

Each investment company on Homebound decides if there are additional requirements in order to invest in each unique real estate fund. This investor eligibility and due diligence is done outside of our platform by their support teams. How do I know if I can qualify >

How are funds listed on Homebound?

Homebound is a curated platform that only features leading real estate investment companies in Canada. For companies to be listed, our team does our own research and due-diligence, followed by checks to ensure that the company is registered in some way through the Canadian Securities Act.

Risk note: While we take great care in curating the startups, we do not guarantee the accuracy of information they provide. Do your own research, review each offering memorandum information in full, and only invest with companies you believe in.

What is Homebound?

Homebound is an online matchmaking platform for real estate funds. We help exceptional professionals – not just a few wealthy accredited investors – get access to world-class investment companies to discover exclusive real estate funds. Many Canadians can invest in with as little as $5,000 or as much as $100,000 per investment.

Homebound was created to inspire and educate Canadians to make real estate funds more accessible for everyone. More about Homebound >

Do I invest through Homebound?

Nope. We help you connect and start investing with the right investment company. Once we've found you the right match, that investment company will perform their own Know Your Client (KYC) and investor suitability tests before distributing their offerings outside of our platform.

Our secret sauce is aggregating all these awesome real estate investment companies and their complex financial data, facilitating a more open conversation around real estate funds, and breaking down educational barriers for investors.

How much does it cost? (It's free)

Homebound is free for all investors, with no commitments required. We only charge fees to investment companies that manage the real estate funds.Learn more >

How is this different than stocks?

Private real estate funds are not listed on the public stock exchange. This provides additional diversification for your portfolio, since most public stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs) typically have already experienced their most aggressive growth post-IPO.

Accessing companies that specialize in real estate funds through Homebound allows you to discover new opportunities to grow and diversify your wealth. While placing your capital at risk of total loss, you are betting on the opportunity and experience of the investment company for superior, risk-adjusted returns.

Why do companies want to list their funds on Homebound?

Companies choose Homebound over other marketing platforms because of our engaged network of eligible investors and objective educational tools.

We provide a cost-effective strategy for your company to find high-quality investor leads. Our platform helps your brand get additional exposure to hundreds of investors. You can enjoy a long-lasting marketing effect from their networks and support.


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