It seemed impossible for our generation to invest in real estate.

At Homebound we're on a mission to make it incredibly easy for Canadians to discover and connect with real estate products they believe in.

The beginning

It all started with a dream to invest in real estate.

In 2016, only the top 5% of the population in the Greater Toronto Area, making more than $104,000/year, could afford to buy a property alone.

Breaking point

In 2016, the goal of creating our own real estate fund appears


Homebound makes its first steps – building a community of people who want to invest in real estate together.


We research our best outcomes and find private companies that have already done this for decades, but better.


Our team pivots. Helping others learn more about these private opportunities to invest in real estate.

Homebound. Present –

Helping you find exceptional real estate partners

Today, the real estate market has continued to grow to even higher levels. Investing has become even more out of reach for many Canadians.

So we built a platform to help connect you with exceptional real estate partners that can make it all possible.

Looking to the Future
We want to support everyone to make smarter decisions in this specialized market. Join our community today.

Meet our team

We're a small crew, which lets us build a sustainable business and make experiences that people love. Follow along on Instagram at @gethomebound.

Sean Ho Lung

Executive Director

Creator of Homebound. Previously was a PM at Pivotal Labs.

Bradley Chow

Technical lead

Previously was a developer at Fiix Software.

Alejandra Perez

Front-End Dev

Previously was a developer at Ministry of Ontario.

Head of Growth

Help lead our growth and operations. Learn more and reach out to our team today!

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Finding the right job is hard work.

Join us and change the future of Canadian real estate investing.

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