We're on a mission to educate and inspire Canadians to make real estate funds better for everyone

- Sean Ho Lung, Co-Founder & CEO

Our story

For the first time in history, many Canadians can now invest in private real estate funds alongside world-class investment companies.

A couple of years ago, we started an online matchmaking platform for our friends and colleagues to pool our money and invest in real estate.

Our method to bypass the high real estate prices at the time wasn’t new. Leading investment companies and real estate developers have been managing both residential and commercial real estate portfolios through private funds for over 25 years.

But since regulation changes in 2016, many Canadians now have access to invest alongside these industry experts. So while we could have invested in several real estate properties together, instead we wanted to build a brand that focused on opening doors to new high-growth opportunities, while breaking down barriers of investing in real estate.

Most private real estate funds aren’t easily accessible, so we built a platform ourselves based on our own research. We quickly realized that several investors needed more education and access to different opportunities, and Homebound was born.

Why we're doing this

Private real estate funds have provided generations of investors with exclusive opportunities to grow their wealth faster.

Historically, these kind of opportunities were only accessible for those with deep pockets and the right connections. But as of 2016, when Canadian regulations changed that’s no longer true.

Now more Canadians might be surprised to discover that they can actually afford to invest in these real estate funds too. For many of these real estate funds, the minimum investment requirements have dropped, going from as high as $1,000,000 to as low as $25,000. Today, new investors can enter the market and take advantage of high-growth real estate opportunities that were never available before. With Homebound, we’re here to help educate and facilitate those connections to make real estate funds more accessible.

Who we are

Sean Ho Lung
Co-Founder & CEO
Rob Skakic
Technical Co-Lead
Bradley Chow
Technical Co-Lead
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Looking to the future

The opportunity to push the envelope on how we access private real estate funds is in our hands.

The financial services industry has been changing by the decade. Recently, the biggest shift has been through the digital transformation of retail investment management tools (i.e. robo-advisors).

We believe the next evolution will be through specialized platforms that democratize access to the private equity market, or institutional investment vehicles. It’s an incredibly exciting time for this industry and our goal is to help support everyone to make smarter decisions in this specialized market.

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