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Homebound is the simple way to raise your funds with the next generation of accredited investors.

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3 reasons to add Homebound to your business

Qualified leads

Homebound has over 100+ eligible investors looking for better real estate options.

Keep your commissions

We don’t think referral fees are fair or sustainable. You can get new customers without crushing your profits on Homebound.

Educated community

With Homebound, you can talk with your customers directly, real conversations. 

"Working with Homebound allowed us to easily bring in high-quality leads to help us cross the finish line for our capital raise. It saved our team time and money."

- Anonymous Exempt Market Dealer

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Homebound is an alternative real estate, matchmaking service

Get investors

Investors find real estate companies on Homebound ahead of time.

Accept investors

We send you investor details (if they want intros), you tell them how you can help.

Customer chats

Chat with your prospective investors right when they request more information.

Why become a real estate investor?

  • Stable cash flow for passive income over the long term

  • Growth potential with more opportunities to help you meet your financial goals

  • Build a smarter portfolio, more diversified and less correlated to the stock market

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How it works

Find exceptional real estate investment partners to meet your financial goals.

A great place to start

Find your best real estate investment today

Quickly see which investment companies offer the lowest rates, highest target returns, or the most experience to fit your needs.

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Why Choose Homebound

Everything you need – totally free

Discover your best opportunity for passive investing

Whether it's income properties, new developments, mortgage investing, or real estate investment trusts (REITs), we've done the research you need to explore beyond the walls of traditional real estate investing.

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Get matched in less than 5 minutes

We start by gathering a few basic details. This information gives us everything we need to help you bring your real estate investing dreams to life. No need to talk to any pushy sales representatives or brokers.

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We guide you through the process

Real estate investing is complicated. We've worked with investment analysts to create a streamlined experience and cover all your bases. If you have questions, our technology and support team will be there to help.

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We've done the homework

No more scrambling around or being stressed. You have full access to our investment resources, updated content, and helpful tools. We're here to empower you with the knowledge to feel confident about your decisions.

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We help people from companies like:



Collaborative strategy


Regulatory compliance


Curated opportunities


No spam or sales pitch


Lower fees


External Marketing Agencies


Prescriptive template approach


Lack of regulatory understanding


Individual domain knowledge


Focus on transaction-only ads


Expensive hourly contracts

You Got This

Everything you need – totally free

Expert info

Our objective and award-winning support team at Homebound makes even the most complicated real estate investment questions and topics simple to understand.

Objective tools

Side-by-side comparisons, smart calculators and straightforward simulators help you make sense of your options.

Helpful support

Tell us more about you and we’ll connect you with companies like the best real estate company for your profile, simple ways to get your foot in the door, and more.

We've helped a lot of people just like you

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"Homebound opened doors to real estate opportunities I didn't even know I had access to."

Kiel L.
Associate Director
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"This is how alternative investments should come to your inbox."

Aprile B.
UX Designer
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"Working with Homebound meant multiple companies that were a good fit came looking to contact me."

Ian H.
Software Developer

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