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Homebound is a technology platform helping asset managers and private funds expand their reach, delight customers, and boost their bottom line.

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Unlock new growth

Hundreds of Homebound users may be searching for real estate from your funds. By partnering with us, we can help you reach accredited investors of tomorrow.

Delight your customers

With reliable digital services using the Homebound platform, you can help people with the investments they believe in across Canada.

Manage it all with ease

Meetings can be scheduled smoothly with Homebound's software, flexible integration options, and support when you need it.

How Homebound helps investment managers

Qualified investors connect

A customer finds your fund and connects through the Homebound platform.

You get notified about leads

Your client support team gets notified with basic profile info when someone inquires.

Schedule your meeting

Your sales team can easily coordinate times to chat with your new prospects.

"Homebound extends our brand awareness to eligible investors that wouldn't normally be exposed to us."

- Anonymous Exempt Market Dealer

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  1. Claim your fund or tell us a bit about your company.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Homebound?

Homebound is the platform for modern real estate investors. We empower modern investors by making it easy to discover and connect with real estate assets they believe in across Canada.

For private brands, we empower investment managers to grow with measurable performance marketing and digital experiences.

How does this work?

We've already curated a list of the top Canadian real estate investment managers. These profiles are just waiting to go live and are ready to accept new connections! Claim your page to edit and enrich your brands profile.

How long does it take to become a partner?

Depending on how many funds you have, it’s possible to become a Homebound partner and start accepting connections in just a few days! You can begin the process by signing up here. We're excited to hear from you!

Who handles the client KYC and suitability?

The Homebound platform does not give any investing advice, does not recommend any individual offerings, and does not complete any tailored investment suitability assessments in compliance with the Canadian Securities Act. Investors would go through your normal KYC and suitability tests directly with your sales teams externally.

We're here to extend your brand awareness through fund features, sponsored posts, helpful tools, and objective insights based on our research.

How does pricing work?

Homebound pricing has two parts:

A one-time activation fee sets private brands up with a welcome kit, Homebound software, curated reviews, and professional photo shoot.

A service fee is calculated through an annual membership fee after your free trial has ended.

Note: Each investment company pays us the same flat fee and we don’t get any additional fees from investor leads or referrals. We prefer this setup because it ensures that we’re as objective as possible when matching investors with companies in our network.

Have more questions?

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