6 Principles Before You Invest In Real Estate Funds

Review these general guidelines before investing in any real estate funds.

Determine your suitability

Make sure that you meet the government eligibility requirements and suitability assessments from the investment company.

Do your own research

Review any public or disclosed information about the company and the investment team before committing. This could include reading forums, comments, questions, or other risk disclosures.

Diversification is the key

Investing in small amounts across multiple companies and asset classes will lower your overall portfolio risk.

Review the legal terms

You should review the terms of each deal carefully, preferably with a securities lawyer. This includes reviewing the rights that are associated with the investment offering.

Play the long game

Set realistic expectations: there is no way to know how long an investment could take to become valuable or sellable.

Own real estate you love

You should only put your money in an alternative fund because you believe in the real estate, company, or team. Do not invest purely based on potential returns.

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